When a Stuntwoman drives rashly, everyone is safe.

A sunny day on a beach of Emirates Palace (Abu dabhi) you might picturize a bikini scene of an actress making her way out of water and grooving to some upbeat song. Yup, that’s quite a stereotype audience has built over period of time thanks to peppy songs. However, when a stunt woman is given the same location with a quad bike and a license to drive harshest yet safest way possible, you can imagine the level of danger this bollywood stunt has to offer. A beach filled with people enjoying a sunny day was interrupted by stuntwoman with quadbike. A soothing drift and hard turns while doing do making sure safety of yourself and others is the most important thing at the moment.

When you are given the license to drive harshly for a bollywood stunt it only emulates the level of faith and trust on the stuntwoman to delivery such calibre. “Rashness with precision” would be exact word to define this bollywood stunt and would require a great level of control of ones driving skill if you are an bollywood stunt double. Now, to make stunt more relatable and make the audience connect with character tiny details needs to be filled in. The comic character of Bunty and Babli, specially the character of Babli you need to have a peppy get up for the scene. Being stuntwoman and trick the camera you need to fit into character well enough to disguise the audience and make them believe character is doing justice to the stunt and the stunt artist is delivering the bollywood stunt to the point.

So, after numerous actions and cut! rehearsing the stunt to perfection finally the stunt was executed to perfection. But urge of drifting the quadbike one more time and feeling the revving up of engine and soothing drift through the sand made the heart of stuntwoman asking for once more. As fun as is may sound the key to delivering such remain on the anticipation of movement around you and one miscalculated move might turn into disaster. In a bollywood stunt like this, its not only stuntwoman whos performing stunt, but those who are around are playing equal part. Key is to set a well-defined parameter of your movement  and a good amount of rehearsal to ensure the stunt is executed to perfection.   If though this bollywood stunt experience wasn’t peppy enough, checkout my Atrrangi experience for shooting for “Attrangi Re” in the heart of Varanasi. Or checkout “Bang Bang” if you are looking for some action pack experience

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