Laal Singh Chadda : A tale of safety and care

Laal Singh Chadda an official remake of Hollywood’s Forrest Gump starring Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor in lead role and one of the most awaited movies of 2022. This movie does not tells you what is right or what is wrong, because the person narrating it is a kid at heart and this is the real beauty of this masterpiece..

Being shot during Covid period, utmost safety was taken into consideration. Kareena Kapoor being 6 month pregnant during the shoot required a safety at every step. A suicide attempt scene shot in the movie, taken from a long shot was intriguing scene to shoot. With precautions taken into consideration.  The scene required getting on a ledge wearing heels while you feel gushes of wind. Seems a normal task until the task falls on 6 month pregnant actress. Thus, in such scenario a stunt double became essential and entire was shot beautifully for the silver screen.

To bring a smooth transition from real to reel, comes the twist of VFX and some green screens. The camera trick of close shots and long short covered the majority of the part and close up where done with the help of edits and morphing faces to bring the magic on screen.

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