Race 3: A glamorous thrill behind the scenes experience of a Stunt Artist

Race 3, one of the most anticipated films of the year 2018. A franchise known for action pack sequences, drama, and glamourous scenes did have a lot to deliver for their third instalment. With Multi star cast signed up for the movie, it was important get an equally balanced cast behind the scenes to deliver the perfect. Not to forget, a stuntwoman who can look stylish to trick the tight camera angles at the same time fitter stunt double to perform stunts at a humid temperature on scorching heat in a dessert. Don’t forget the fact, the scenes are needed to be rehearsed and perfected while the humidity dries you out whilst you are wearing a black leather jacket just to be perfect for the frame. Perfect for the scene not so perfect when it comes comfort. But that’s the job a stunt artist signs up for, to bear through the pain and being frame perfect at the same time.

The set up for the films action scenes were set up in remote Military bunker location, which would require the entire crew to wake up at 4am in the morning and travel 2 hour to reach location and shoot throughout the day to get the scene perfect, followed by another 2-hour drive to reach hotel post shoot. However, what made day special were super car on the set. Drifting them in the desert is a fun experience and being a stunt artist, you simply cannot say no for such opportunity. Moreover, getting a hands-on experience of the military vehicle and technology they made experience more memorable.

Not all action sequence were shot in dessert, there were close combat scenes shot in indoor studios as well. One might think, indoor shoots are safest ones, with maximum protection on the set and bare minimum risk for a stunt artist. However, challenge came in beautiful outfit, a red cocktail dress, which undoubtedly is perfect for a bar location but not for fight scenes. But being a stuntwoman had lived up to the expectation of delivering my art without compromising the look. As a result, the entire sequence was shot without harness and other safety measurements, actual falls and blows were suffered and numerous retakes to deliver the perfect cut.

Being a stunt artist and playing a stunt double for over 195 films, Race 3 was a complete package of the journey so far, the skill developed over a period of time and being fit at all point of time is the key lesson that can be taken into consideration for any stunt artist in the industry.

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