Dhoom 1 : The one with Fire at stage and calmness on Mind.

Dhoom 1, an every green super hit movie and bollywood a successful attempt by bollywood to try a new genre of movie which later developed into successful franchise. From sports motorbike to high tech robberies followed by police was well received from the audience. The famous song “Dhoom Machale” was an instant hit, however the scene followed by titular song was a great fire sequence which called for great amount of calmness and preparation around the set, cast and crew.

As they say it’s not safe to play with fire, but with right amount of preparation, rehearsal, and lots of fire body gel it can be one can attempt to go right through the flames which are of 4feet in height. An action pack sequence shot inside film studio took a great amount of preparation for setting up the scene. As the scene had fire all around the set and flames going as high as 4feet, a little miscalculation could result into serious burn injury. Thus from getting right material of costume, rigging, body gel, rehearsals and setting the up required precision in every step.

Even after having enough preparation and safety procedures, calming the nerves was a tedious task at hand. Jumping right through the flames of fire isn’t something your mind would agree into instant and a thought of “what if” is constantly a second thought. Even after a lot of preparation the flames did manage to hit the shoulder, but thanks to body gel it didn’t get through the skin and injury was avoided. However, a silver screen actor who usually not used to such predicaments and doing a stunt and most importantly performing it safely becomes a challenging task. Preparing the actor mentally, having a good amount of trust that stunt would go well with little to no injury and giving a picture perfect shot, was indeed an interesting scoop of behind the scenes from Dhoom 1

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