A “Bang Bang” Experience of a Stuntwoman in a Bollywood Film

Making a Hollywood remake in Bollywood is a cliché in the eyes of the audience. Some cut to cut scenes anticipation of twist of turn and what would happen in the climax, barely surprises the audience. However, if a movie matches with the cinematic, the visuals, the stunts then it ads to “paisa vasool” experience which an audience loves to watch on a silver screen. Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif starrer “Bang Bang” an official remake of Hollywood “Bang Bang” starring Tom Cruz and Cameroon Diaz was stunt fest, a delightful project that any Bollywood stuntwoman would be glad to be part of it as not only gives a perfect platform to for a stunt artist to deliver but also an adventure of a lifetime. PS. Taurus Nomination was a cherry on the cake.

Being an action packed movie like Bang Bang did brought a series of challenging stunts. Right from breaking glass and jumping off from a height of 30 feet, swimming in the ocean and dragging 6 feet and 220 pound handsome hunk in the ocean as rescue mission. Everyday on the sets of Fox Star Studio brought a new challenge of stunt for their project and it only added to the experience of a stuntwoman that could be cherished later. Tight camera angle, risky stunts made it Hollywood experience to be a part of.  From stumbling in the forest, stumbling with glass break, stumbling from the car (Car stunt scene) I finally stumbled my way into World Stunt Taurus Nomination.

To make a movie an unforgettable cinematic experience, every shots needs to be precise behind the scene to make it memorable experience on screen. While the actress was gracing the screen with beautiful songs shot at stunning location, a stuntwoman was making sure that every stunt is performed to perfection for a perfect cinematic experience. In the end when performance of a stunt artist and reel artist are merged and shown in the silverscreen the audience do have “Bang Bang” experience in the theatres.

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