An Attrangi experience of a Stuntwoman during the Winter of Varanasi

Varanasi, a city host to numerous religious festivals, finest river montage in the country with miles of ghats or steps for religious bathing and array of shrines and temples, palaces rise tier on tier from water edges. The inner streets of the city are narrow, winding, and impassable for motor traffic, the outer suburbs are more spacious and laid out systematically. However, the heart of the place remains at divine Kashi Vishawnath temple. If you are wondering, if only romantic scene and song can be only be picturized here, so let a stuntwoman narrates her “Attrangi” bollywood stunt experience playing stunt double for Sara Ali Khan in her latest Bollywood flim “Attrangi Re”. A stunt artist in a cold December night with artificial rain on pitch dark railway track.

Shooting stunts for the Movie Atrangi Re was an “Atrangi” experience. Since, the movie was Drama/Romance genre, the stunts were more of acrobatic in nature. But for a stuntwoman, things aren’t as easy as it sounds. During winter night in December when the temperature at night falls below 20 degrees with added artificial rain (because the demand of the scene) on pitch dark and slippery railway track the stunt gets tricker. The artificial rain stops but the chilling experience doesn’t, and don’t forget the point that a stuntwoman needs to pull out a perfect shot for the audience to applause.

The memorable experience remains the Govinda scene done for the movie. This bollywood stunt scene was shot post covid period with around 200 people on the sets. Although all safety measure was taken into consideration but a mild fear of the virus stayed in our mind, but it couldn’t dampen the spirit on the set and the stunt were performed by stunt artist to perfection. Falling from a great height with harness intact and maintaining your balance to get the perfect shot for the camera is what normal day in a life of stuntwoman looks like.

Working with many bollywood biggies as stunt double and doing numerous stunts as bollywood’s topmost stuntwoman it had always been a great experience. Working with Sara Ali Khan was quite a pleasant one. Being a star kid she really breaks stereotypes and is definitely one of the most humble and sweet soul you can come across.

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