From Tight Cables to Precision Ride in a Tunnel : Dhoom 2

Dhoom 2, sequel to 1st installment of successful movie Franchise Dhoom 1, had a lot of expectations on it shoulder. A star studded cast, packed with high voltage action sequence and tacky robbery sequence, were some of the standards that movie had meet to make it a block buster commercial and possibly setting up a franchise for more movies to come in this genre.

The cable sequence, which was entry scene of Aishwarya Rai Bacchan in the movie (Sword Robery Sequence) in a tight security was shot at Jodhpur. Jumping from a great height and having precise landing at the spot required a great sense of judgement and rehearsal and safety protocol to ensure landing goes smoothly without any hassle. Measuring the height, cable safety, and finding the spot where camera are and how they are placed was the essence of the stunt.

Another the cable stunt shot at Durban, jumping from good height of a mountain relying nothing but on cable. The said sequence required having a good amount of calm nerve and not getting panicked either at the height or if things go South. A good amount of deep breathing and scene rehearsal to shot the location with ease was the key to shoot the scene with precision.

The story of Dhoom 2 would be incomplete without high speed bike sequence. Hoping on 1000CC engine and riding at high speed on tunnel along with cars and truck and tight spaces around camera set up was a thrill to shoot, not to mention chopper sequence which was moving at a great speed. Riding with precision while Actor shoots and having a great jump over the chopper and landing safely was a thrill experience to shoot as a stuntwoman.

Not only that, the skill set to deliver stunt of such caliber requires a lot of precision and experience. The journey starts learning from a 100CC bike and gradually upgrading your skill and precision to handle a 1000CC bike that too a Honda Sports model powerful engine and tight sitting space and actor like Hrithik Roshan having trust to sit in tight space of tank of sport bikes while the bike was driven with precession over the entire scene by me (Stuntwoman) and delivering the entire sequence was results of years of experience and precision developed over time.

All in all a great action pack sequence and great performance behind the screen and on the screen is what made Dhoom 2 one of the evergreen movie of Indian Cinema

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