Dive in Maldives (Mafushi Diaries)

Maldives, one of the very few destinations in the world where you can experience scuba diving in its true glory. Now what makes the underwater experience so special?  The warm and nutrient-rich waters combined with the strong currents in its seas allow it to have some of the most expansive and rich coral reefs in the world filled with an abundance and a variety of aquatic life that you can’t experience anywhere else in the world

Being a stuntwoman and performing various underwater sequences, this experience was quite breathtaking, although the elements of risk were less but the experience and diving experience made the understanding of nature below the surface took my skills to another level.  Taking my diving level to deeper had the opportunity to perform various advance underwater skill such as :


Underwaternavigator is quite essential to not get lost in the beauty of the blue and find your way through. Reading and understanding the compass underwater is different to what we usually use on land .No google maps support here and hence it’s important to know your way.


#Underwatervideography is key tool to understand operating several Equipments underwater and capturing the beauty without disturbing the sea creatures or their natural habitats.


Deepdive is dive that is at depths of approx 100feet and as you go deeper things change from the air you breathe to the way our bodies and mind respond to compressed air  oxygen narcosis can occur and prove to be fatal and hence appropriate measures are needed to be taken in account for dives at 30-40 meters below.

Best part by learning this advanced skill you can explore so many great dive sites across the world  and explore the hidden beauty in our #oceans


Peak performance and buoyancy is a very important facet to diving deeper as it helps you understand the science in water of body composition, air and stability at different levels of depth

The deeper you go the air becomes more denser and making some smart adjustments to achieve neutral buoyancy helps ease fatigue on muscles which then use lesser oxygen giving you some extra time underwater not exhausting your air quickly


if you are Diving / snorkeling underwater and happen to come across such beautiful creatures DO NOT TOUCH Or Try ENGAGE with them. Specially When you find a turtle underwater they are usually using their reserve oxygen which they use underwater, engaging & chasing along makes them exhaust the oxygen  in a quick manner which can be even fatal. Thus, if you happen to encounter them only look and admire the beauty.


Manta rays are one of the gentle giants in our oceans and they come in this Bay Area for cleaning themselves as small fishes help in doing so. Being an #underwaternaturalist is a privilege in knowing appropriate methods to ethically approach these gentle sea creatures and not disturb them or the #oceans.

The PADI course was not only an enjoyable course but also served to add on skills throughout. Having an Internationally recognized certified course was the cherry on the cake.

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