Underwater “Tashan” of Stuntwoman in Bollywod

Whenever a scene is picturized in bollywood in an ocean, an actress having a zero figure and flaunting a bikini and grooving to a party song is somewhat a cliché. But if you have to for deep water scene it calls for a professional stuntwoman who would deliver the scene to precision while audience believe its their favorite actress. Shallow breathing, calm nerves, and lots of years of mediation goes into delivering underwater sequence of a movie.

For an Action/Romance genre movie Tashan, the action scene were intense. Playing stunt double for Kareena Kapoor in “Tashan” was literally a “breath-taking” experience. Being locked in a trunk of car and which is submerged into water, tests your breathing capacity, moreover, not getting panicked as your hands and legs are tied, and lack of oxygen makes the stunt more trickier. The scene requires, the car to reach the bottom of the river, the stunt artist then needs to kick out the hood and swim to surface of the river to breath. A simple bollywood stunt of escaping a from a trunk of a car submerged 20 feet into the river where its pitch dark, pressure of water makes communication difficult as the sound from above the surface is barely hearable, makes job trickier for a stuntwoman. On the word “Action” you have to swim all the way up tearing through the pressure of water for breath of fresh air. All the action pack drama keeping in mind to trick the camera that’s actually the actress and not the stuntwoman. For that a lot of bubble needed to be created, lack of oxygen and more exhale. Once the scene was picturized on-screen, hearing hoot and whistle for the on screen actress somewhat made a stunt woman felt, in the end, it was one great experience underwater.

If hungry for more action packed stunt sequence, and how its done? Checkout my action pack experience as stuntowan in “Bang Bang” movie, or fall from a mammoth height of 250 feet from Etherapalli river in the movie “Ravan”. Or some acrobat stunt in the historic place of Varanasi for “Atrangi Re”. Watchout the blog section for behind the scenes of bollywood from POV of a stuntwoman.

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