The secret of a stunt woman behind tight grips : Fingertip Pull-ups

When it comes to performing stunt, the key part is having a good grip. Think about it, be it catching a guy from a running motorcycle or falling from a great height with nothing but with a help of a cable or going underwater and delivering daredevil stunt sequence. (PS. Been there and done it with ease). It can be said that a good grip can make or break the scene. For stunt double having a grip is a skill and needs to be developed over a period of time.

To master the skill of a good grip can be developed via fingertip push. An exercise which is works on developing a right grip and works on your finger tendons yet risky enough to be extremely hurtful and injurious to your fingers if things went South. A professional assistance is a must however, practicing for long term helps you get to get a good grip while performing stunts.

Fingertip pull-ups are particularly dangerous because the exercise is not primarily designed to increase muscle strength – it instead aims to build the strength in the tendons and ligaments within the fingers. This takes a lot longer to develop than muscles. So, take it slow and gradually build up.

So take it slow and gradually build up. You can use a door frame or staircase ledge to do these on, which is what I use. Alternatively, you can purchase something like this to practice on. The principle is exactly the same as the regular pull up, but now you must rely on your finger strength to haul your body up and down. If you manage to get really good at these you can even reduce the number of fingers you use to lift yourself or spread your fingers wider apart; either of these will place additional strain on individual fingers.

And that’s the secret of having a good grip for a stunt Artist in Bollywood. A buttery finger may take dangerous turn if you are into filed of stunt. Thus, working on a tight grip is an essential way of ensuring of having a tight grip on safety, precision and a strong grip on future prospect of stunt project.

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