Mardaani of a Stuntwoman in busy Streets of Mumbai

Mardaani, a woman centric film with a female top cop taking center stage of the silverscreen with leading lady Rani Mukherjee playing stunt double for the actress has been nothing less than a great experience. Stunt sequence shot in busy streets of Mumbai (Fort) calls for lot of precision for turns and jumps and ensuring at the end of the day, the stunt sequence is shot to precision and without any injury or harm being while performing the same.

The beauty of the stunt sequence lies in the setup of the scene. This action sequence was set up in Mumbai traffic (shot in fort location) which gave very tight space to move around and precision was required in every step. The stunt sequence began, and the chase of goon (who’s in motorcycle) in busy crowded area and running behind the goons and at the same time overcoming the obstacles thrown at a tight space calls for sharp reflexes and awareness of the setup. A skill, that gradually developed over a period of time while performing over 200 Bollywood’s stunt project had helped to deliver stunt of such caliber.

Not only that jumping over a bonnet of a car and snatching the goon driving on motorcycle, was the crux part of the sequence. Intercepting a moving object and ensuing there’s no harm done in the stunt sequence performed was the highlight of the day. As easy as it may seems, a minor miscalculation on the bike or on the jump could have resulted in into heavy injury. However, good number of rehearsal and retakes makes the perfect sequence for the audience to applause of.

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