A tough training with a lifetime of a learning : The Shaolin dairies.

In fast action packed sequence a slight error in calculations not only leads to serious injuries to stunt performer but also to it’s surrounding, not to mention the sequence gets takes another retake. Thus, being calculative and thinking on feet by being alert of your surrounding is of utmost importance. But how to develop these skills? Yes, experience plays a vital role, however a rigorous training of renowned Shaolin Temple can also help. A training which teaches you how feel pain and not get panicked by it at the same time, being calculative at every step you take and be aware of your surrounding at every step.

A key to a great training requires a location away from distraction, your mind needs to focus only on its goal and away from every worldly pleasure, such is the location of Shaolin Temple. A hill slope of 1km to ground zero of training and walking distance to 1km to main temple gate and 20km distance to Dunfung City (Nearest City). If you have to buy basic supply for your day-to-day requirements that’s the distance you need to cover back and forth and keep in the luggage the you carry.  That’s the first step that put seed of being calculative for every step taken, which really helps if you are someone who takes decision in hasty.

As mentioned earlier away from worldly pleasure, the food, controlling your tongue from pleasure of taste and giving your body only what’s healthy. Having breakfast with milk, lunch with rice without salt and cabbage soup, and for dinner rice without salt and eggs and tomatoes now continue this routine for a good 30 days and teaches you a very important lesson of discipline and self-control.

A journey to and training in Shaolin Temple, one of the rigorous training ground in the world is incomplete if you don’t learn some of the famous fighting technique, be it kung fu, close combat or drunken fighting techniques mastering some of the most lethal weapons used in hand to hand combats from the best trainers on the world.

The highlight part of the training was coming down from a mountain in push up plank posting every Sunday. A day which is dedicated to being lazy was given to toughest part of training, seeding a core value of discipline. An exercise which is very rigorous in nature and makes your blood flow rush towards your head and makes you feel dizzy. The idea of giving up and quiting were always dangling at the site of gate of temple. However, not giving up, overcoming your pain, not being panicked , being alert at every situation and calculative at every step is a transformational journey one could get following 30 days journey at this venue. Which when applied to stunt is the key recipe to have, and can make or break career of stuntowen/ stuntman in the bollywood industry

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