A Ride of a Stunt Artist with Hero MotoCorp to break Stereotype

Riding a scooty from point A to point B and moving along with the camera seems a simple task at hand, and a need of stuntwoman may seem irrelevant. However, if you are riding in a busy roads of Mumbai, one definitely needs to be alert with its reflexes and ride for the perfect shot. Riding along with Alia Bhatt and sharing the screen with the Star after playing so many stunt double roles for the actress for movies and ads project it only seemed like a complete circle, from working behind the scenes to sharing the screen as stunt artist. Working with Hero MotorCorp on a project #ladkichalarahihai breaking the stereotype that a girl can drive smoothly and easily on busy roads of Mumbai was an absolute pleasure to be a part of such project

When a stunt artist works for a bollywood celebrities for many projects, the stunt artist puts the celebrities into perspective and at the same time learns a lot about the celebrities. During the Hero MotoCorp Ad being able to ride along with Alia Bhatt as one of front rider, was more of assistance role than that of stunt performing role. Knowing the star and performing several stunts (almost all!) had an instant set on coordination and the entire ad went just as smoothly as ride of Hero MotorCorp rides.

As a stunt artist its important to perform the stunts with precision, however, an artist must attempt into to enter into skin of artist they are playing role of. Working for over 196 projects and playing stunt double for roles for all artist and the sheer experience that comes in span in 20 years of experience helps to achieve such task to perfection.

Not all experience needs to be adventurous and death defying, some are just smooth and happy going. Working for Hero Motorcorp ads and the concept the bring into their ads are just amazing and being a stunt artist it’s a pleasure to ride on their bikes, which is undoubtedly one of the finest in the country.

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