Behind the scenes of action sequences Stunt Artist POV.

Featuring over 145 movies seems like a magical yet a thrilling ride for a stunt artist. Enjoying the movie while munching popcorn and thinking the action sequence are just smokes and mirrors, well behind the scenes, it really tests the nerves of stunt artist. Being a stunt double for many bollywood celebrities and performing action packed sequences, things were thrilling yet satisfying.

Let’s go back in the year 2004 one of the most iconic films of that time, and even now, Veer Zaara. Although some might remember the movie for melodious songs or love story, but for me as a stunt artist I’ll always remember it for one the trickiest stunt for a stunt artist done at an of age of 18 playing stunt double for Priety Zinta. So let me take back you to the scene where a passenger bus was travelling through mountain and meets with an accident and passengers were airlifted. Only survivor (Priety Zinta) being me had to held on a rock for dear life. Sounds easy? but when you are dangling from a staggering height of 400 feet and you can feel the pressure of helicopter and gushing winds adds the pressure, things get trickier for stunt artist as one has kept patience and not get carried away with scene. Considering the era and level of safety for performing stunt for stunt artist back then, this is definitely one to remember. You can watch the entire scene here…..

Playing stunt double for Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2 would always be cherished. One of the reason being a nominated for Taurus World Stunt at an age of 21  and second but obvious for adrenaline for the stunt. If you remember the great sword heist scene of Aishwarya Rai with Mr. A in the movie, was shot in Mumbai. A chilling night with nonstop action shoot filled with bungees, move ins and move out. For story point of view that was story entry scene of Aishwarya rai in the movie revealing her identity to Hritik Roshan. Some of the stunts were performed by the actress herself but only after being mentally prepared for the stunt and rehearsing it to perfection. Being a stunt artist the actress did consulted me on how we can go about the scene to ensure maximum safety.

Not only that, tunnel sequence, where I had to drive a 1000CC bike and balance actor (Hritik Roshan) on space of fuel tank was tricky scene playing stunt double for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Shooting the scene in dark tunnel with tight space make thing tougher for a stunt artist and scene calls for perfection. Playing stunt double for many Bollywood celebrities made me realize to ace the stunt, you have to keep calm nerves. A small mistake would not only result in a mere retake but also some serious injuries. With everyone on the sets trusting stunt artist to deliver the scene to precision being calm is the key and knowing where the camera is what makes you great stunt double in Bollywood industry

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