A Yacht with an international stunt crew & Stuntwoman entails Gehraiyaan.

Every movie has special memory attached to it for a stunt woman, the challenges that comes and how they are aced are the story to be told. For a sequence to be jumped from a yacht moving at a speed of 20 nautical miles per hour and specially jumping from tail end of the yacht just to be precise enough not to hit a rudder takes a lot of precision rehearsal and preparation for perfect execution. That’s the story behind Stunt sequence for “Gehraiyaan” underwater stunt, shot in running channels of Mikes Point where, the expertise of an advanced deep sea diver and international stunt crew were required to shot this bollywood stunt to perfection.

For any stunt to be shot with precision it requires a lot rehearsal. For a simple drop of 22 feet from tail-end of a yacht, it took 10 days of rehearsal on land with an international stunt team on board prepped with rigs and cables making the entire setup of the sequence. Judging the weight, the speed of drop and special attention to rudders  as one misstep could prove fatal. Being a stuntwoman and an advance deep diver, the thrill and the level of danger involved was an unforgettable experience to have. After, rehearsing it perfectly on land, came the actual site, the Mikes Point on a running channel where permission from Navy needs to be taken to perform and only expert were allowed in such scenario. So here’s a setup, the cast and crew on yacht and the camera crew on barge ship moving along with the yacht at a same speed at a distance of 15 feet from the yacht. Two ships, two rudders, twice the level of danger. For the stunt to be shot with precision, both the ships needed to stopped at the same so the rudder doesn’t create vacuum and the jump could take place. As easy as it sounds the stunt took 20 takes to make it final cut.

Being a stunt artist, you need do need to develop your skill over a certain period of time. Being an advance deep-sea diver have helped deliver the stunt in running water channel, where the current movies in one direction and surface in another

Along with that being mentally prepared for rehearsals, and keeping yourself fit for retakes. Working as stunt double for various underwater sequences and being a licensed deep-sea diver have helped me understand human physiology with the dynamics of water which also includes being mentally prepared and focused with the help of deep breathing exercises which helps being mentally calm in a panic situation.

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