Bullet Scram 411: A ride of precision on the outskirts of Goa

Bullet a bike which is a fan favorite and have die hard following of bikers in India is surely something you don’t want to miss to have a look at. What makes bullet special is the engine sound and once you hear the rev of the engine it definitely makes your head turn and have a glimpse of that bike. Bullet scram 411, with an engine of 411c and a fuel capacity of 15 liters coming in three color combination was sure an highly anticipated model of bike and much awaited by fans. Being a stunt double and an avid bike rider performing various bike stunt it was a special feeling to do stunts for a bike and test it’s worth which it’s promises.

The ad were shot in outskirts of Goa. A scenic beauty for bike to flaunt and challenging situation to ride and test the bike at the same time. With sheer excitement for the shoots and dyeing hair to green just to get adrenaline pumped enough for the shoots. Mostly, the ads were shot at night which called for precision riding , taking the precision turn and pulling brakes at the precise time to avoid injuries and pull a frame perfect shot at the same time. However, the revving up the engine and shooting a tire burn out scene with proper aesthetics lights was the shot of the day.

So after rigorous shoot and doing numerous takes for the perfect frame shot, somewhat it appealed the stunt rider wanting for more. Working on various stunts as stunt double and performing various bike stunts, bullet scram 411 is everything that an Indian roads need and it’s perfect ride on Indian roads. The bikes served as extension of a skill of stunt rider and functionality are top notch.

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