A leading cream product and a leading stuntwoman for precise advertisement.

 Whenever a person thinks of an ad of for cream product, the first things pops out of mind the which Bollywood actress or a fashion model being the ambassador of the brand. However, when product deals with stretch marks and injury marks its calls for professional attention, be it developing the product or presenting on screen. Mederma India, India’s leading cream product in Stretch Mark and scare care products, televised an advertising showing prowess of their products, with a twist of danger elements, that’s was, a fire sequence and crash landing a bike. Being a stuntwoman in Bollywood and working for various daredevils projects it was a thrill to be a part of such projects. A beautiful ad concept where a brand and a stuntwoman could prove at what they are best at.

Playing with the fire can be very dangerous, and risk attached to it is unimaginable. For the fire sequence to be shot with precision, undoubtedly there was a lot of rehearsal on how the scene would take place camera setup, safety procedure and everything. However, the key aspect was judging the flames. How high the flames would go and how quickly it can spread in a split second and how a stuntwoman would react to such situation and how the safety would come into play if the situation goes South was a crucial part. But as they say practise makes you perfect, the preparation started without the flames, as how the scene would be enacted to setup the sequence calrity. The second phase would be testing the flames, studying the flames and working on judgement on how to react and respond and most importantly the safety measures. The third and crucial phase, delivering the scenes with the flames and making sure everything goes as per plan.

Moreover, the bike sequence for the ad, where the advertisement demanded to crash land on knee on a Tarmac road. Whenever you learn to ride, it’s eminent you fall down a few time to learn to ride. However, the scene demanded a precision with the camera angle and the fall. Working for bike stunt scenes as a stuntwoman and working around tight camera angles to deliver precision shots, it  requires such reputation and expertise to be called for a sequence like this. Now, as a damage control there was crash mat well adjusted with the scene for the camera trick and later on VFX team to give a final touch for the advertisement. The crux of the scene remained in falling on the exact spot for your own safety and for the scene as well. The fell happened with precision and without any bruises knee.

Some tv advertisement do provide a great thrilling sequences and it’s all about precision and being present in the situation in the situation you are in. A split second of error can cause a injury. Being a stuntwoman this experience was no less than performing in bollywood action sequence.

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